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While I haven't been on Free Realms much myself recently, I have just been informed on a very important issue just this moment. As we speak, a new battle is raging on, and there's yet to be a victor. Thankfully, you the community is able to choose who it is Democratically via voting online.

The topic?


I love ponies. Especially unicorns. Unicorns are near and dear to my heart, really. And I feel that Free Realms has some of the best unicorns around online.

But now, begs the question: Who really has the best Unicorns? Of course, there's Free Realms, but there's one other online game that has some notable ones as pets: Wizard101.

Don't get me wrong, Wizard101 is a really great game! I feel both FR and Wizard are fantastic...But when it comes to Unicorns, there can only be one.

So, what are you waiting for? Cast your vote now for who you really feel deserves to win this victory over digital ponies.

If you do decide on Wizard101, do remember this: Free Realms' Unicorns pee rainbows and poops crystals. FR's lead animator Floyd Bishop hasn't been more proud!

We now return you back to your usual Free Realms Insider programming...

Free Realms has reached another milestone earlier this week. Community Manager Zatozia announced to players that Free Realms has reached 20 million registered players, and went beyond that mark as well! In classic Free Realms style, they will be giving out a limited edition item to players who log in between now and the 31st of October. The item will be placed in your inventory - in your chest slot - and available for you to use once you do log in.

Don't miss the chance to add to your cool limited edition clothing collection, and help celebrate another great event for this game!

Free Realms Players were happy to see the arrival of the annual "Spooktacular" event on the 13th. This annual event features the ability to trick-or-treat, scare NPCs, and battle creatures to earn candy, costumes, and more Halloween themed items! Items that were added include a Halloween Kart & Halloween Hoverboard. Many of the events and activities that will be taking place this year are the same. Some favorites that have returned include the "Vampire vs. Werewolf Dance-Off," The Halloween Quests in Pixiewood and the Bonebog cemetery, and of course the "Pumpkin Prince" world event where ghost and ghouls of all kinds show up. Most of the items currently in the Station Cash store are from previous years events. However, at the live stream hosted by SOE earlier this month new costumes would be available to players for this years celebration. It was not specified if these costumes would be available through quests rewards, or through the Station Cash store itself. Be sure to keep an eye on the latest Free Realms updates, as more tricks & treats will be added throughout the month until the end of Spooktacular in November!

Free Realms fans in Europe can now explore and play Free Realms on their Playstation 3!  The Free Realms team has announced that Free Realms has just been released and is available for download. To play, you will have to access the Playstation Store and download Free Realms (for free). The game will take some time to install and update. Your character from the PC/MAC version will not be available to use on the PS3, you will have to start from scratch once you finish downloading the game.



Membership also does not transfer over. You can also purchase this using the Playstation Wallet, or a credit card.  Playstation trophies are enabled and can be earned through play, and you can communicate to other plays using your control with a virtual keyboard, a keyboard extension, or party voice chat.  Click HERE for the original release details about the PS3 version of Free Realms, for the latest information, be sure to visit our PS3 section of our forums HERE.

Free Realms went down earlier this afternoon, and will remain offline for a few more hours while they apply a new update. Thankfully we won't have to wait very long to see what will be added, as community ambassador Zatozia has already provided us with update notes!



Free Realms player will be happy to hear that a brand new messaging system will be added in game. Although details of this new feature have not been released, we assume it will allow users to send in-game mail to each other as seen in many other MMORPGs. Hopefully this will improve communication by members to invite friends to parties, activities, dungeon exploring, and more!   We can now confirm that this feature was simply put in place for referees & SOE staff to communicate with players in a more efficient way.

Other changes include a brand new mini-game called "Spot the Difference."  This mini-game will ask users to identify the differences in two images and will include three different levels of difficulty.  This mini-game will also be open to all players.

Finally, members may remember a change in the naming policy at Free Realms.  The Referees had been swamped with requests for name changes for awhile. Due to that backlog Free Realms put limits in place, which made it so users could only request a change once every week, and later restricted this service to members only.  As of this update all users will be able to pay and request a name change using the in-game market.  Prices at this time has not been released, and it is unknown if this service will require coin or station cash to use.

Bug fixes and minor farming changes have also been applied to improve game play quality. Free Realms should be up later this evening for those of you on the East Coast, stay tuned!


UPDATE (September 26th @ 10:17pm EST): Free Realms has come back online and is now available to play.  Members have reported that they have not been able to use free chat, or communicate with their friends who are unable to use free chat.  This is not a new feature or meant to restrict the game play of any user, it is a glitch and is working to be resolved as soon as possible by the Free Realms team.  

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