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Member's pack has arrived

July's membership package has arrived in Free Realms. This month's package features 10,000 coins, and the exclusive "Wired T-shirt." This T-shirt is animated and features a traditional wired network connection symbol which changes from one bar to five throughout its animation. Members may be interested to know that this design is similar to a t-shirt, which allows you to see where you may get the strongest available wireless connection.

Below is a video shared by forum member The Flaming Trident, which features animation found on this exclusive t-shirt. Thanks to this T-shirt you can now tell where your character will get the best connection for their internet devices!

This pack is automatically claimed on any and all characters you log into, as long as you are a paying member and hold an account in good standing. Be sure to log in today to receive your member's pack!

SOE has announced Seven Days of hot summer deals returning to Free Realms. From June 27th until July 4th players can log in daily to purchase a special summer themed item for a reduced price. These items will range from clothing, to housing decorations, to pet outfits and more!

Previous daily deals have included a Surf Board ride for June 27th, Seaside Cafe for June 28th, and the Sandy Beach Lot for June 29th. Check back daily on Free Realms for more Summer Sizzle deals, you can also follow Free Realms on Twitter @Freerealms for daily deal notices.
Players will be excited to hear that the highly anticipated Gloam Invasion will be arriving this evening in Free Realms. UPDATED: The Update has been delayed until Friday at approx. 8am PDT. Thanks to the creative team and webcast hosted on we can now share some more details about the Invasion, and what will follow in Sunstone Valley later this summer.

New details were revealed about Overworld (previously known as open world) combat coming with the Invasion. The Overworld combat will feature non-instanced combat in Shrouded Glade. As you explore this area of Free Realms enemies will attack you. There are also some new rare boss monsters which will require a group of players to take on, and plenty of health potions! The team later noted that these rare boss monsters will require 5 to 6 players to defeat.

Those of you who are interested in the Lore of Free Realms will be excited to hear it is being carried through each quest. The quests will reveal some more of the back story of the area. What we do know is that the druids will be captured by these creatures who appeared after the large stones erupted. The conflict will be revealed through the quests as you participate in the event. Along with druids and gloam creatures are the Frontier Dwarves who were looking for help in Sunstone Valley and are now trapped with the druids. You will be required to help both sides to find out the whole story as well.

Quest content will be accessible between levels 1 and 4. A free player will be able to earn some awesome rewards along with paying members. The combat is staggered in difficulty and will provide some challenge (such as the boss monsters) and new rewards as well. The creative team has assured players that there are some really rare items being added.

From the sounds of it the event is leading up to Sunstone Valley. The Lore will be revealing the story of Free Realms and how our adventurers end up in there. Players may also be interested to know that Overworld Combat will be carrying through a large portion of Sunstone Valley. There will still be instances, but Overworld combat will add a new level of excitement to Combat. This is a feature many players have been hoping would be updated.

There will be no added jobs with Sunstone Valley. The focus for the team has been working on combat experience better. They would like group play to be more enjoyable, and make combat more satisfying over all.

New items are arriving with the Invasion. The Armor Sets are now grouped into Job types. The gear you will receive will be beneficial to a few different jobs. New coin drops, wearable items, and new pets will be added.

Shrouded Glade quests will be suspended during the Invasion event. You will not be able to complete these quests. It is very important that you finish these quests before the update or you will have to wait until the townsfolk come out of hiding.

Another additional feature being added is the new music to Shrouded Glade. If you had your speakers off, you may wish to turn the music up in order to experience the whole event to the best level. Shrouded Glade will be back, but only if you can defeat the Gloam!

Overall, the event is sure to be one Free Realms will not forget!

June's membership pack has arrived! June's membership pack includes a "Smiley Face T-shirt," and 10,000 coins. The T-shirt should be directly in your character's inventory and may not be in the mailbox to claim.

This pack is automatically claimed on any and all characters you log into, as long as you are a paying member and hold an account in good standing. Be sure to log in today to receive your member's pack!

Free Realms has officially removed the daily limit Mystery Chests. Players previously were limited to one chest per day, and required to purchase a key from the station cash store to open it. With this restriction lifted players now have the option to earn many cool items every day.

While the key will still need to be purchased, players are now able to earn unlimited chests per day by following the on-screen instructions. The "Today's Mystery Chest" screen provides two different options for players to earn chests. Players will find that today Series 1: Original is available by completing a cooking challenge, and Series 2: Sci-fi can be earned through dungeons.

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