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While members wait in eager anticipation for the release of Sunstone Valley, (FRI) has been working on some highly requested improvements to our forum!


The glitches throughout profiles and the forums have been addressed, and the FRI skin now integrates the built in features correctly into the forum. What does this mean for you? A much more pleasant and easy forum experience! Your profiles are customization once again, and we look forward to seeing the unique free realms themed profiles you come up with. Will your profile feature a seaside oasis? A snowhill bonfire party? Or maybe a giant spider in briarwoods you recently defeated. It is all up to you.

Members will also be pleased to hear that the some highly requested subforums have officially been added and ready for everyone to enjoy! Have an upcoming party/event you want to share? Be sure to check out our "Events/Party Planning" section and invite the forum out for some fun! Looking for the price of your latest item find? Price checks are now easier than ever as you may now create your own thread to request price information. One final thing we always can count on here at FRI are some great Free Realms suggestions, we now have a forum built in for you all to discuss those changes and improvements you'd like to see in-game.

Stay tuned to FRI this weekend for some exciting community news. You won't want to miss the return of our fantastic contests and events!

SOE has announced another "Double Your Station Cash" event for this holiday long weekend. Players who purchase Station Cash online at, in-game, or redeem a Pre-Paid Station Cash Card between September 1st (starting at 12:01am PT / 2:01am CT / 3:01am ET) until September 3rd at 11:59pm PT (1:59am CT / 2:59am ET) will automatically double their purchased/redeemed station cash!

As always, this offer excludes Station Cash purchased through SMS. Happy Labour Day from the staff here at, we wish you all a safe and happy long weekend.

Thanks to the weekly Free Realms Web Cast and SOE Podcast, we can now confirm that the highly anticipated Sunstone Valley update will be arriving within the next two weeks. The Web Cast revealed some further details about the changes upcoming to Free Realms, and assured players that Sunstone Valley is going to keep everyone entertained for awhile yet to come. The hosts of the Web Cast estimated that the size of the area is similar to Briarwoods, a large area in the current landscape of Free Realms.

Other changes to come to Free Realms include changes to the dueling system (added instances) and more collections to collect while exploring. Players will be excited to hear that the Blacksmith, Miner, and Brawler jobs will all be going Free-to-play in the near future. The Blacksmith is one job that will be receiving a major update and changes, the plan is to allow players to craft wearable items and even find plans for some rare pets to craft!

Previously, SOE has confirmed that there will be no new added Jobs in Free Realms. As the focus has been on working to make the combat experience better for players. Players have had a chance to get a gimpse at the overworld combat with the Invasion of Shrouded Glades which released back in June. This theme of overworld combat will be continued throughout Sunstone Valley, and will also include new dungeon instances for players to explore. New items (including armor sets) will also be added to Sunstone valley for everyone to enjoy.

Overall, Sunstone Valley appears to be bringing some much needed changes and additions to Free Realms. The content is sure to excite players both new and old. As a reminder, players will want to finish collecting any Gloam Invasion pets, items, and quests, before Sunstone Valley arrives. It is unknown how long the Invasion Event will last once the new update arrives on Free Realms.

As the most anticipated update in Free Realms moves closer, the Free Realms team has announced that further details regarding Sunstone Valley will be revealed in this week's web cast.

Player's had their first glimpse at Sunstone Valley earlier this summer, and have been exploring the story behind Sunstone Valley's opening this summer through the Gloam Invasion of Shrouded Glade. While no release date has been hinted at or announced for Sunstone valley, it is still anticipated that this update will arrive by the end of summer.

Tune in to Twitch TV to view the Free Realms weekly web cast on Thursday August 30th. The web cast will begin at 4pm US Pacific time // 6pm Central US Time // 7pm US Eastern time and expected to last 15 minutes.

August's membership package has arrived in Free Realms. This month's package features an exclusive "Awkto T-shirt" shown below which features a purple Octopus. Like most member packs this month also gives each member an additional 10,000 coins to spend.

This pack is automatically claimed on any and all characters you log into, as long as you are a paying member and hold an account in good standing. Be sure to log in today to receive your member's pack!

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