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Why Join Insiders?

Insiders provides the full experience. It is one of the fastest growing communities surrounding Free Realms and the place for information, community and a ton of cool parties (and free stuff)! Just recently we've had to open our second guild to answer the high demand for our community events.

The experience you get with each time you log in will change. You could find yourself at the official <INSIDERS> meeting spot in Sanctuary hanging out with the staff, have a party at Kaden's crazy fun house or go questing with Kate Soulfoot. You just never know who or what you'll end up doing!

Enjoy talking with your forum friends? Go a step further and join the exclusive Insiders forum section and guilds! You will find tons of familiar faces at the exclusive insider events and activities. What better way to get to know your fellow forum fans then to hang out with them in game?

Concerned about being in the second guild <lnsders>? No worries! We have an exclusive INSIDERS forum area for all guild members to participate and get to know each other in.


What you need to Join:

  • You need 50 helpful posts on
  • You need to be a member of for two weeks.
  • You must respect the rules of and Free Realms.
  • You must be an active member of the community.
  • You must post your character name with your application.
Once you have read through the rules below scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the requirement form.


Please note -- You are only allowed one character in the Guilds. Depending on our numbers you will either be accepted to <INSIDERS> or our brand new guild <lnsiders>!

Please be sure to check back to see how your application is progressing. An Admin may leave a note on your application about the requirements you are required to meet. Note that there is no time limit to when your application will be checked.

The rules are below. Please read them before applying as you need to follow them at ALL times.


Guild Rules and Expectations:

At we hold the same expectations and rules for everyone. We encourage everyone to read and understand these rules before applying as they will be what you are held accountable to. This means that you are expected to understand and follow these rules at all times, no excuses.

  • All Forum Rules Apply - Please review them HERE

  • You must follow the rules of Free Realms. We expect all of our members to be outstanding members of the Site and Game.

  • You May not EXCLUDE another member. All members are welcomed to participate in any activity.

  • No "Elitist" Attitudes or posts will be tolerated. Anyone posting rude or harmful comments towards the staff, guild, guild functions or members of any ranks will see their posts removed and may be removed from the guild.

  • There is to be no discussion about who should be allowed into the guild or who should be excluded. You must discuss this with a staff member.

  • Respecting the staff at all times is a MUST. Anyone posting rude or disrespectful comments or discussion in the guild towards the staff will be removed.

  • No personal information is to be given out. Those asking for it will be removed.

  • You may not talk down or post rude comments to another member.

  • Any Scamming of a Guild Member will result in automatic removal from the guild and

  • You may be removed from the guild if you do not remain active on the forums. Those who do not return to the site and guild for 6 weeks will be removed.

  • If something that is not appropriate happens in the guild, you MUST tell a staff member (they are Officers and leaders in the guild). It i
    s not your job to tell others off, that is what the staff are there for.

  • Dating is not allowed, this is against our site rules & our guild rules as it often reveals personal information and can be highly inappropriate. This is not something we allow at Insiders


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we hear often. Please review this area before sending a message to a staff member, it will help you find the answer faster and allow us to help you in other areas.

?Question: I posted on Monday and It's Tuesday now, why haven't I been accepted?!
Answer: There is no time limit to when you may be accepted. All of our staff are volunteers and use their free time to monitor the site and go through applications. Please be patient!

?Question: I have been Very active but don't have ___ from the requirements. Can I still apply?
Answer: Please do not apply unless you have the requirements listed below. All of them are required.

?Question: My Application was removed, Why!?
Answer: As Applications are reviewed they are removed. You will receive a private message from the admin notifying you if you have been accepted or not.

?Question: I just can't seem to get the requirements right! I keep trying and trying, HELP!
Answer: We are looking for helpful, friendly and posts that contribute to the forum. Instead of posting exclusively in the open mic or poll section (which does not count towards helpful posts) try welcoming members or answering questions, or even discussing what pet is coolest.

?Question: How do I get an Invite?
Answer: You will receive information on how to receive an invite when you are accepted.

?Question: I'm so scared I won't get in!! What if you get to the guild limit?
Answer: If we reach the guild limit, we will create another new guild. No worries!

?Question: I was asked to wait before applying again, why?
Answer: Please discuss this with the staff member you received the private message you heard from.

?Question: Can you be removed from Insiders?
Answer: Yes. If you do not follow the rules or do not stay active within the website you will be removed.

?Question: Will you check how many helpful posts I have?
Answer: You will receive a Private Message with further details about membership.

?Question: Does posts in the Are you Game, Open mic, Head to the pollz and Role play sections count as good posts?
Answer: No, these areas do not count towards good/helpful posts.


Click here to join Insiders!



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