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Free Realms is still down for the official launch for the site, but we're monitoring their Twitter account and the site to let everyone know as soon as it comes back up.
Free Realms Closed for Launch
Autumn Roselake was able to find some information in the Sony Online Entertainment forum from a site administrator indicating that Beta users will be awarded an EXCLUSIVE Beta item for participating once the site comes back up.  When the site comes back up, you do not need to create a new account, but the character within that account will need to be re-created.  
The Beta item will be awarded to the account, so don't worry if someone happens to take your character's old name! We can't wait to see what it is!
According to what we've heard from the powers at be at Sony Online Entertainment, the Free Realms beta period is ending today and will go live tomorrow, Tuesday, April 28th for everyone!
Free Realms Closed Maintenance
Unfortunately, players like our own Cyn Raindrop who have put a great deal of time into the game and their characters, all information will be wiped out for the re-launch of the game.  FreeRealms.Com is currently down for maintenance in preparation for the official launch. In addition, it is our understanding the the official Free Realms forum hosted on Sony's site will only allow paying members to post.  
We'd just like to extend our welcome to Free Realms Insider, where you can join and post for free! There will be some significant changes over the coming weeks as well all continue to learn about Free Realms and what we want out of FreeRealmsInsider.Com!
The staff here at VPI has come across a whole new FREE virtual world that's just been introduced by Sony Online Entertainment -- Free Realms! The new virtual world is currently in beta and will be similar to Club Penguin (free to join, and extra benefits for subscription).


There is not a great deal of information currently out there, but we have high hopes for this amazing new virtual world! From what we can tell, it appears to take parts of Second Life, Webkinz World and World of Warcraft! Take a look at



We've found that VirtualPetInsider was a good theoretical concept, but we have realized that we should have heeded the old cliche "A jack of all trades is a master of none". As such, we will be making some BIG, EXCITING changes to VPI. All of your accounts will remain intact, but VPI is to become FRI ( in the coming weeks!

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