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As detailed in an earlier article, FreeRealms is on Facebook giving away free codes every week! One of the members of our Free Realms Forum, bflyangel, decided to try a couple of other codes along the same lines and they worked! These are great, fun items to play around with in Free Realms, enjoy!
  • Froggy Fries - FACEBOOKFANS02
  • Goat Cheese - FACEBOOKFANS03
Facebook Free Realms Codes
Free Realms for Mac
I'll admit it, I'm an Apple fan, through and through.  It does everything I need it to for my development work does it well, but if there's one area in software that Macs lag far behind PCs, it's in gaming! The majority of gaming software titles never make it to OSX, and Mac users miss out.  
Since Apple changed to Intel chips a number of years ago, there are now programs that let you run Windows on your Mac, including one packaged with OS X 10.5 Leopard.  I tried two popular virtualization software titles and Apple's own Boot Camp to get Free Realms running the best that it could on my 2.4 GHz Aluminum Macbook and I'd like to share the details with other Mac users who want to play Free Realms!
I spent two days installing and re-installing Windows XP and Windows Vista using various configurations:
  1. Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit via VMWare Fusion 2.0
  2. Windows XP SP3 via VMWare Fusion 2.0
  3. Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit via Parallels Desktop 4.0
  4. Windows XP SP3 via Parallels Desktop 4.0
  5. Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit via Boot Camp
  6. Windows XP SP3 via Boot Camp
Out of all of the configurations I tried, #6 conveniently offered the best performance and lowest price of all!
Sony Online Entertainment has opened up The Official Free Realms Page on Facebook! If you're a member of Facebook, show Free Realms some love by becoming a fan of their page.  According to the page, they're giving out a free redeemable code every week on the page (whether you are a fan or not!).
Get The Goods
Check back every week for a new code you can use to claim a cool Free Realms in-game item! This week's item is Veggie Surprise, a refreshing snack that transforms your character into a man-eating plant!
The code this week is: FACEBOOKFANS01
To redeem the code, click and enter it into the Redeem-A-Code box in the “Enter Code Here” field, click the green Go! Button, and get into the game!
Free Realms Starter CardHere's a great deal that I found at Target -- a FreeRealms Starter Card which was only 99 cents! According to the card, it would be a $7.50 value. 
Each card includes:
  1. 30-Day Membership (Access to ALL areas of Free Realms) 
  2. 250 Station Cash
    According to, Station Cash™ (SC) is "virtual" money that is used in Free Realms to buy premium in-game rewards. It's simple and easy to use. Once you add Station Cash™ to your in-game wallet, you will be able to spend your SC on cool in-game rewards or even fund your monthly membership! Purchase a new decorated collar for your pet dog or a mechanical upgrade for your extreme racing machine, or hundreds of other unique rewards! Forget about interrupting the fun every time you want to buy something: Just use your Station Cash™ in the game! 
  3. 1 Magical Potion
NOTE: This is only for New Accounts. Which means FR won't let you switch over to a paid membership with your existing FR account. This card would be great for someone just starting out, or for someone who is about to create a new FR account. 
Also this is different from a Station Cash Card, which is also available at Target as well (the ad for that is on's log in page)
The Free Realms development team over at Sony missed April 28th by about an hour Pacific time, announcing the official launch at 11:31pm (2:31 am Eastern Time) on Twitter.  Officially, they launched on April 28th in Pacific Time and on April 29th in Eastern Time, which also happens to be the same day that Webkinz World was launched in 2005!
In addition, we've been shown pictures of what the Beta Tester exclusive gift is: an in-game military hat, the same hat as in-real-life Free Realms developers wear at Sony Online Entertainment!
Free Realms Military Hat
Everyone join in the fun at FreeRealms.Com and we'll see you there!

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