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Thanks to a tip from a Youtube posting, we can confirm that Sony is running a promotion with Blockbuster Video, giving out free Starter Cards for Free Realms!
Free Realms Charcaol Bermuda Shorts CodeThanks to another user in our Free Realms Forums, Hookani, we have another free code for all of you!
Here's Hookani's post, with all of the info on how he found the Charcoal Bermuda Shorts code:
Signed up here to drop you this little bit of info.While watching a video I was linked to on newgrounds I noticed a banner for free realms. The banner had a gold star on it proclaiming free charcoal bermuda shorts. I decided to follow the link and sign up for an account (my brother needed one anyway), I noticed the url was different from the ussual page and displayed as this. . when I finished signing up I told me congrats I had redeemed the code 6TNBTGH for my new account. Well I decided to give the code a go on my actual account and give it to a friend as well. Well Bingo free charcoal bermuda shorts for me and my friend. Enjoy and happy gaming Oh and keep your eyes peeled for more banner ads folks. who knows if there may be more.
Thanks to Hookani for this awesome code, which you can redeem in the usual way on either redeem-a-code slot or within the game itself!

6TNBTGH - Charcoal Bermuda Shorts

Free Realms Code Mother's Day Bouquet
Another day, another Free Realms code!
Thanks to Ilovemom619, from our Free Realms Forum, who found the following code in the Free Realms news.  The code gives you a Mother's Day Bouquet in the game!
ROSESFORMOM -- Mother's Day Bouquet
Remember, you can redeem your codes in your browser or in the game, but you must claim your virtual items by clicking on the SC (Station Cash) button in the game and clicking "Claim" for each item!
Don't forget that this code will only be available in Free Realms until May 17th, so be sure redeem it on or in-game soon!
Taking a cue from bflyangel from our Free Realms Forum, I decided to try a few more of the Facebook free codes from Free Realms and was able to get up to #6! After that, the codes aren't valid!
It's a code-filled day on Free Realms Insider! Remember, you can redeem Free Realms codes on the website or within the game, but you must claim the prizes within the game in order to use them!
  • FACEBOOKFANS04 -- Shadowblade
  • FACEBOOKFANS05 -- Dynamite
  • FACEBOOKFANS06 -- Checker Charged Helmet
Free Realms Free Codes Facebook - Shadowblade, Dynamite, Checker Charged Helmet
Thanks to skyconb from our Free Realms Forum for giving us the following 4 Free Realms Codes! Just click "Redeem-A-Code" on or in-game and claim your free stuff!
  • KN78CH2 -- Striped Shoes
  • JFRE87J -- Doggy Bowling T-Shirt
  • CMNJGGE -- Spider Snack
  • N4PF9R3 -- Crystal Hammer
Free Realms Codes Striped Socks Doggy Bowling
Free Realms Codes Spider Snack Crystal Hammer

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