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I'm sure that many of you remember the current Free Realms Contest that we're running here at Free Realms Insider, giving away 3 Free Realms starter cards on May 31st.
We've decided to add a few prizes to our contest, since most of you already have accounts, and starter cards will only work on new accounts!
Free Realms Station Cash Cards
We're going to start by giving away an additional starter card every day through May 31st, starting today, selected randomly from the list of members that join the forum each day! If you're unfamiliar with Starter Cards, please read our article containing details of Free Realms Starter Cards.
For all of our members that already have accounts (most of you!), we're also giving away 2 $5 Wal-Mart Station Cash cards and 1 $10 Target Station Cash card! The Wal-Mart cards give you 500 Station Cash points and includes an exclusive blue ninja hood for your in-game dog! The Target card gives you 1000 Station Cash points and includes an exclusive red pirate hat for your in-game dog!
We're giving away a total of 14 Free Starter Cards and 3 Free Station Cash cards! In order to be eligible to win these great prizes, you simply need to be a member of our Free Realms ForumsJoin now!
The daily winners will be posted in the following thread: Official Winners Thread for First Free Realms Insider Giveaway Contest
After completing the Snowhill (I think!) flower collection, 5 Flower Trail Potions appeared in my dock.  I drank one of the potions and it created a flower trail behind me which lasted for 24 hours! Take a look at this video from Kade Wolfspotter!
We've got another new Free Realms code for you here at Free Realms Insider! Thanks to Yarcofin from our Free Realms Forum for alerting us to a new code for a Layered Skirt.  Anyone can redeem the code, but only females can wear the skirt (I hope none of you male players wanted to try it on, anyways!)

Free Realms Code Layered Skirt
The code is MPT38B3
Free Realms Insider has yet another new code for you! This one is brought to us by ilovemom619 from our Free Realms Forums, who found the free code in a magazine, which gives you a free Robgoblin T-Shirt!
Robgoblin T Shirt Code
All you have to do to redeem the code is enter it on or you can redeem it in the game by clicking the "SC (Station Cash)" button in your dock and typing the code in.

Don't forget to visit our Free Realms Codes section for all the current Free Realms codes we have in our database! Make sure to bookmark us, the #1 source for Free Realms codes, family-friendly forums and information!
Free Realms members all over the world celebrated 1 million members yesterday in Snowhill! For those that missed it, here's some video and pictures of the party.  The video is a little bit before the party officially started, as it got very sluggish once everyone was logged in.  Check out all the people dancing and hanging out!

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