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Thanks to our Free Realms Forum member Hianon for sharing a new Free Realms code! By entering the code XCZG923 into the claim window you will be provided a Baseball cap for both male and female characters to wear in any free style job.


For more information how on to claim an item click here to view our youtube video.
Thanks again to Hianon for this awesome new Free Realms code!
Free Realms Insider is happy to bring you two more codes today, these brought to us by member Uilas from our Free Realms Forums!  These new codes are for another supply of Froggy Fries which causes you to change into a frog and for a Small Sandwich which cause you to become small.  Both codes state that they are one time use.
Remember, you can find all of the Free Realms codes we gather for you on our FreeRealms codes page.
The Froggy Fries Code is FROGGY
The Small Sandwich Code is SANDWICH
Thanks to WolfLord from our FreeRealms Forum for finding and sharing a new code with everyone! The new code is for a Spook Sphere which is described as "A magical orb that transforms the player into a frightful creature".  This code is likely one-time-use, similar to the Facebook codes on our FreeRealms codes page In a shocking coincidence, the code brought to us by WolfLord turns you into a wolf!!
The Spook Sphere Code is PXNH6HB
Free Realms Code - Spook SphereSpook Sphere Wolf
Enjoy the new code from FreeRealmsInsider -- your #1 source for Free Realms codes, info and forums!
It looks like developers at Sony made a few changes to Free Realms last night.  First, they added a warpstone just on the east side of the Briarwood maze.  This is great news for players who wanted to return to the east side, but didn't want to have to re-navigate the maze!
Bristlewood Warp Stone
Also, I noticed that there are a pair of small arrows surrounding your current job at the top-left of your screen.  This allows you to quick-scroll through all of your jobs and select one without having to pop up the job dialog from your dock.
Job changer
I just logged in to my FreeRealms account and noticed that I had 200 extra Station Cash points when the game was loading up.  When I brought up the claim window, I had the 1M Celebration Shirt waiting for me!
Free Realms 1M Celebration Shirt
I claimed the code and waited for dawn to take the following pictures of the brand-new shirt, sporting my Beta cap! 
Free Realms Beta Cap + 1M Celebration Shirt
Even my ghost dog, Emperor Coco, got his own 1M Celebration shirt! Keep an eye on your accounts for the shirt and the free Station Cash from Sony!
Free Realms Pet 1M Celebration Shirt

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