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Free Realms 2 Million Party PackThanks to MissGnomie from our Free Realms Insider Forum for providing pictures of her newly-acquired 2 Million Member Party Pack!
Upon opening the free party pack, the following items were awarded to her and placed in her inventory:
  • Hot Cheese Fondue - Increases your matcher's advantage in mini games.
  • Super Star Booster - Boosts stars earned in battle and mini games.
  • Super Coin Booster - Increases coins found in battle and mini games.
  • Kavod Rainbow Candy - Increases your maker's reach in mini games.
  • 2x Cotton Wool Candy - Turns you into a shaved ewe for 30 minutes
  • 2x Silver Surf n' Turf - Makes a vortex appear around you for 30 minutes.
Free Realms Party Pack Contents
MissGnomie also gave us a preview of the Shaved Ewe after eating Cotton Wool Candy!
Free Realms Shaved Ewe

Thanks to our Free Realms Forums member baknak for another great find.  This new Free Realms code is another found on Neopets! Redeem the new Free Realms Code for a free Chatdy Baseball Cap.

The code is T86766R

Free Realms Chatdy Baseball Cap Code

Don't forget to visit our Free Realms Codes section of the site and make sure you redeem & claim all of the free stuff!

Thanks to Neoanne409  a member of our Free Realms forums for bringing another Free Realms mile stone to our attention, two million registered players! In celebration of this huge mile stone the following statement was released:
Free Realms 2 Million Members 

"Free Realms registered its two millionth player this week! This remarkable number was reached in less than a month. Free Realms is resonating extremely well with our target audience of young tween and teen gamers, as well as with the traditional MMO gamer! Additionally, 75% of our players are under the age of 17 and 46% are under the age of 13. In addition, a full third of our players are female.


In honor of this milestone, all current players will receive a “party pack” bundle of in-game items to help celebrate! The packs will be rolled out in stages over the next two weeks."


Not only are they reaching the younger and traditional MMO age, but the ever elusive female gamer!  The party packs will be delivered through the claim feature in game, for more information on how to claim the packs once available- visit our youtube video. What is the party pack going to feature? No one knows yet, but we are all looking forward to more free items!


Be sure to stay tuned to Free realms insider for more details!

This Adventure Brought To You By:
Cyn Raindrop, Taryn Starchaser, Tear, Sardonis, and Yarcofin

Our adventure began when Cyn sent me a whisper asking me to teleport to her, and I ended up in Lavender Coast (aka the middle of nowhere!)

Yarcofin is quite the explorer!  Thanks to his 'very extreme exploration' and super screen shots we have some amazing screen shots to share.  The following was posted by Yarcofin in the FreeRealms Insider forum:

This house is in the extreme South of Blackspore swamp, East of the mines, if you want to go for a look... you'll come upon a big gate with a ninja and 3 other characters in front of it. Look up the long path and you will see this house on the hill.

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