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It's been only 3 weeks since Claire Goldenbeach announced our May contest.  Since May 11th, Free Realms hit 1 million users, then 2 million users, our users helped discover 7 new Free Realms Codes and Free Realms Insider added almost 700 new users!! Sure seems like it's been longer than a few weeks!
The final contest winners for the May contest have been selected! We had 4 more Starter Codes to give out, after giving out all of our daily starter codes.
Starter Code Winners
We've also selected the two winners of the $5 Walmart Station Cash cards and the grand prize winner of the Free $10 Target Station Cash card!
$5 Walmart Winners
$10 Target Winner
Congratulations to all of you! Thanks everyone for making this so much fun and for supporting FRI on our first Free Realms walk/party! We'll be better organized next time, we promise! Don't forget that we have another contest running right now for best photo and video from yesterday's party.  
If you weren't able to attend, keep an eye on our Free Realms Insider Youtube Channel for stock video that you are free to take and edit into your own videos!
Free Realms 2 Million MembersTo celebrate the 2 million member mark in Free Realms and the winners of our May Contest ending tomorrow, we're organizing a Free Realms Insider party!
This is the first time we've done something like this, so we'll see how it goes and adjust accordingly if we need to. Taking an idea from other parties we've organized in other virtual worlds, we'd like to do a virtual walk through Free Realms, with hanging out at the beginning and end! You never know what prizes you might get for participating (you must be a FRI member to win, register now)!
The walk party will start at 4 PM Pacific Time (7 PM Eastern Time) on Sunday, May 31st. The party will be hosted on Server 1 and the beginning point is the gate at Sanctuary. The schedule for the walk follows.
Route Map
  1. Start at gate of Sanctuary.
  2. Head South to marked intersection.
  3. Head West toward the path to Snowhill.
  4. Stop once before High Road at the first star.
  5. Stop at High Road Junction.
  6. Stop at Rest Stop across from Soccer Fields.
  7. Continue North to Big Tree in Snowhill.
Each stopping point is marked in bold so that people can catch up, play around for a minute or two and then continue. Assuming that we wait 2-3 minutes per stop, the walk should take approximately 15 minutes, ending under the Big Tree in Snowhill!  Click here to see the route map.
As part of the celebration, Free Realms Insider will be offering prizes for the following:
1 Free Realms Trading Card Booster Pack for each winner
  1. Best group photo
  2. Best photo of Free Realms Insider staff
  3. Best photo of walk
The photos can be edited or compiled from screenshots during the walk and party, let your imagination take it away!
1 $5 Walmart Station Cash Card
  1. Best video
Each of the videos must include a scene from the Free Realms Insider walk/party, you must reference at both the beginning and end of the video, and it must be uploaded to Youtube.
The video can be anything you want it to be -- a "short film", a music video, anything you want.  It can be edited and spliced together with videos and scenes from all over Free Realms, set to music, the more creative, the better!
The contest for best video and best photos will start as soon as the party/walk begins and we'll close the contest entries in one week, at 11:59 Pacific time on Sunday, June 7th! Put your photos in this thread and paste your Youtube links here when you finish your videos!
We hope to see all of you there and look forward to your photos and videos! For those that can't make it to the Free Realms Insider party, we'll be sure to give you some stock video footage that you are all welcome to use on our FreeRealmsInsider Youtube Channel.
Sony Online Entertainment just released this video to promote The Dares performance coming to Free Realms on Tuesday, June 2nd at 4PM Pacific time. 
Why is there a specific time for the concert, you ask? Well, Sony's giving Free Realms live streaming capabilities a shot by streaming The Dares live performance from their booth at E3 in Los Angeles in-game! [Don't be nervous guys, there's only 2 million members in Free Realms now... ;-)]
This video gives us a behind-the-scenes look at The Dares working with Sony to create the theme song "It's Your World" and the creation of their in-game characters for the concert! They say they play Free Realms all the time, wonder what their character names are?
Sony has produced another Free Realms commercial that some of you may have already seen on TV.  So far, all of the commercials have been really funny with in-game and pop-culture references and the "Super Ego" spot doesn't disappoint!
Free Realms Dares Concert Billboard
The Dares are performing in-game in Free Realms on June 2nd at 4:00 pm Pacific Time in Snowhill!
Thanks to jessicaflowerpetal for letting us know that the stage is currently barricaded with invisible barriers while work is being done to prepare for the concert.  For those that don't know, The Dares are the artists that perform the Free Realms theme song "It's Your World"!
UPDATE: The concert will be a LIVE stream of a REAL performance by The Dares at E3 at the LA Convention Center!

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