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The wait is finally over. Free Realms has official launched the first major content update titled Sunstone Valley. Players will be able to Journey to "the desert homeland of the dwarves." New monsters and characters will be introduced along the way as players battle through the desert themes lands.


As promised, Sunstone Valley will now allow players to level the Brawler, Blacksmith, and Miner to level 20 for free. The Blacksmith will allow players to craft everything from flair shards, armor, weapons, and even some pets!

Welcome back players! Join us on our forums to discuss your favorite features, and stay tuned for an exciting Sunstone Valley themed contest later this week. Don't forget that registration on is free!

Also, don't miss out on the new video from Free Realms about Sunstone Valley!


Hey everyone, I just checked my news feed on Facebook and saw some very good news from Ambassador Amnerys via the Official Free Realms Page on Facebook!


That's right, the update that we've all been (patiently) waiting for is finally here -- SUNSTONE VALLEY! The servers will go offline at 8am PDT (11am EDT) for the update, and we're not sure how long it'll take, but we expect that Free Realms will be ready to go by sometime in the afternoon. ARE YOU READY?

Are you ready to get your party on? has a brand new contest for all the party planners out there in the world. If you are looking to showcase your event planning skills and imagination this is the contest for you! The staff at FRI will be selecting three of the events at random to win ONE of THREE $15 Station Cash Cards. In addition the winning events will be invited to select an official party date and be featured on the front page of for players across the realms to join in the fun!

It's simple to enter. Create and describe your party/event theme (and details) in 500 words or less. What you plan is totally up to you. You may want a Chicken Themed Party, or Thanksgiving get-together, or maybe you love Seaside Darts and have a new twist to bring to the game. Be sure to REGISTER today (it's free to join!) and party on!

CLICK HERE and visit the official contest thread for all the details! This contest runs from September 14th to September 16th at 11:59pm. Good luck to all our members!

Free Realms producer Clint Worley released a message to players late yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately players will have to wait a little bit longer to explore Sunstone Valley, as the two week window aimed for was passed yesterday. According to the producer the update is close to being finished, and he assures players once again that it will be worth the wait. This is also the first time we have had confirmation that the Shrouded Gloam quests will be removed after this update is launched. Please ensure that you have finished these quests and collected the items you want.

While many players are sure to be upset about this delay, it is important to note this issue is not exclusive to SOE or their games. Many online games frequently miss timelines or estimated release dates due to unforeseen problems which come about during player testing. The focus of the message released is that it is almost ready, but not quite to the standards players will expect from Free Realms. While the delay is disappointing, it is always better to see a development team more focused on quality than a release window.

Please keep your comments respectful to SOE, the Free Realms team, and other staff below. We understand that many players will be upset, but it is important to remember that the staff there are also people and most share a passion for gaming. Stay tuned to for exciting contests this weekend, and Sunstone Valley updates as they are available!

Looking for more super secret stuff? Wanting to see more of Sunstone Valley? Free Realms and the very talented Misty Michelle takes players on a quick tour of of Sunstone Valley in the brand new "Super Secret Stuff" video!

Sunstone Valley is to release shortly for players to explore, and more secret stuff of this exciting new area will be shown in later episodes. Stay tuned to for the latest Sunstone Valley information.

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