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Free Realms is down for scheduled maintenance, but the SOE team is being rather secretive about the details of what is coming with this round of updates. SOE Ambassador Amnerys hinted at something 'Mysterious' arriving in Free Realms, along with a very 'Snowy Forecast' on the official Free Realms Facebook page!

Members may recall that earlier this week Free Realms producer, c0braje7, released another round of 'Weekly Updates' on the Official Free Realms Forums. These updates featured details on new features to be arriving soon (or already live) in Free Realms, including a new 'Item Bank' which will allow players to drop off misc. items into storage -- making it easier to navigate player inventory and find those items you are looking for! Also on the list to arrive is a new 'Mysterious Vendor' wandering around Free Realms who will sell limited items to players at a later date.

The Snowy Forecast may be hinting at the return of the ever popular 'Snow Days' event in Free Realms. This annual event features snow themed activities, and holiday themed fun including quests, traditional holiday sweaters (Tacky? Cute? You decide!), and snowball madness.

Could this update be bringing the first round of Snow Days themed items, along with the new Mysterious Vendor? I guess we will all have to wait and see.


[Firehawk] UPDATE: Snow Days has now arrived once again in Free Realms! The Mysterious something previously mentioned was indeed the Mysterious Snail Merchant. She travels around in an event-based manner and offers great deals as well as bonus colors for SC items! There's even a rumor going around that she sells Rare items... Just what will she have in store when you find her? ;)

Looking for a fun event to participate in Friday? Check out Ambassador Amnerys' cool new event, "The Realms' Largest 'Where's Waldo?' Picture!"

All you need to do is put together your best Waldo outfit, or purchase one from the SC shop, and gather by the Warp Stone in Sanctuary on Friday, November 30th at 4pm PST (5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern).

This event is sure to be a blast, and some fantastic pictures will be a great Free Realms memory for all. So be sure to check it out!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended our party last month, and entered the weekly contests as well. We have plans to bring back the contests during the month of December, with a fun holiday twist - so stay tuned!

In the mean time, a big Insiders congrats goes out to the following forum members: Piratejack, Zimster, and Elura! Enjoy your fabulous prizes.

Welcome to another weekly contest! We're going to be changing things up a little this week, but first we want to announce the winners of our last contest. A big congratulations goes out to Zalesana, Madisonalyse03, and Gillego. Thanks for the great wisdom you provided to new players in your guides!

This week's contest will feature a special event on Sunday, October 14th, at 6:30pm EST // 5:30pm CST // 3:30pm PST. Join the Insiders on our new Sunstone Valley Party Rock to chat with our forum members, staff, and guild members. It's sure to be a spooktacular good time!

In order to enter this contest, you will need to attend the event and take a screenshot of the party. One image will be selected at random to win a $15 SC Card, and two additional random entries will win a Biker Hat & Shades.

Don't forget it is free to register here at and join in all the fun! Contests, forums, events, prizes, and more.

Calling all Party Planners! Are you hosting an event sometime soon, looking for ideas on planning one, or just looking to spread the word about your weekly parties? Then you should check out our new Event/Party Planning forum for members to post their event details.

Our new section will allow users to invite the FRI community to their public events, find details about upcoming events, and share ideas of how to create a successful event or party.

It's free to register here at FRI, and after registering you get the added benefit of participating in weekly Contests, an active Free Realms community, our free market for trading, and sharing information about your newest events.

If you are simply looking for something to do tonight, or looking to advertise your own event & invite a great community along - the event section is made just for you!

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