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This was recently teased by Amnerys...

Oh... exciting!

(The following was posted on the official forums by c0braje7, a SOE Producer. You can view the screen shots that go with it on the official forums.)

​Hey everyone, how have you all been? We have been working on a few really cool things that I wanted to share with all of you.Achievements Achievements are a feature that has been a large focus of the development team for quite some time. It is a large game system and we want to make sure it is working as intended before rolling it out to everyone. Our internal testers have been working on it and they love it… even if the developers keep sliding in more and more content! Here is a screenshot of the achievement system. Let me know what you think and as always, your comments and suggestions are definitely heard so don’t be shy. Help guide the Free Realms experience!

Home Décor Sale We have the first major sale of the year and it is focused on everything for your housing lot! Everything is 50% off for a limited time so make sure you take advantage of it before the sale ends. It would be a perfect time to get that lot you have always wanted or to finish up decorating that crazy lot you have been working on.

What is a story without a Hero? We will soon be introducing a new feature to the world of FreeRealms called the Hero’s Journal! The Hero’s Journal will be available to all of our players. You will be able to open it and follow the story of Free Realms… one chapter at a time. Each chapter has quests and rewards that can be completed for everyone to enjoy. New chapters will be released in our upcoming updates that will add to the Journal and unlock new content and rewards. We are very excited about the Hero’s Journal and can’t wait to share it with you all!

A Hero Rises… The influence of the Gloam has been increasing throughout Sacred Grove. The royal family has been divided. Shrouded Glade almost fell to the Gloam. Deep below Briarheart Palace, Darkthorne is relentlessly experimenting with her half of Ayani’s Heartseed in hopes to find a way to defeat the Gloam. Now, finally, Darkthorne’s experiments have yielded success. Soon through the power of the Heartseed she will summon a hero, YOU, to help her fight the Gloam.

Thanks for all the feedback on our recent content updates and we have some awesome things in development. I can't wait to share it with you. Look for the next weekly update!

January's membership package has arrived in Free Realms. This month's package features an exclusive "Tuxedo T-shirt," and like most member packs this month also gives each member an additional 10,000 coins to spend.

This pack is automatically claimed on any and all characters you log into, as long as you are a paying member and hold an account in good standing. Be sure to log in today to receive your member's pack!

As we all rush around today, and take the time to visit our family and dear friends - we would also like to remind our members that the '12 Days Of Holidays' gifts are now available to open. If you have not completed your collection of bows & challenges, they will be available to purchase and complete until January the 3rd.

The Staff here at Free Realms Insider would also like to wish our community, full of friends and family, a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic Holiday season. May the season bless you all with fun, family, friends, happy memories, and Free Realms! Whatever you celebrate, we wish you a Happy Holiday & Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for another fantastic year here at!

A game update this morning brought about an exciting new event to add to the fun of Snow Days; Twelve Days of Presents!

For the next twelve days, you can log into Free Realms and complete a challenge to earn a present that can be opened on the 25th. Here are more details from the article on Free Realms:

Every day from December 13th through the 24th we will be adding a new challenge to the game. Complete each challenge on the first day it is offered and you get a present with its bow. On December 25th, log in to open your presents! What's even cooler is that you get a bonus “Big Present” for every 4 of the daily presents you are able to open. Complete all 12 daily challenges, get 12 bows, and you'll get a total of 15 presents! If you miss a challenge on any of the days, you can still complete the challenge and earn your present, you'll just need to buy a bow from the Marketplace in order to open it. Visit Snowhill each day and complete the challenges as they become available to get your bows for free! Don't forget to check the special offers and deals for all of your favorite SOE games! You never know what you might find...sales, new items, or new features!

Make sure you log in every day to complete the challenge and earn a present!

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