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    Default The Vending Machine Game!

    OK, so I saw this on WI. Or maybe it was here, back in the day when I used to stalk FRI. I forget. Sorry if this has been done before, and if the person who originally invented this is reading, I hope it's OK with you that I'm doing it, and that it was a really good idea. Anyways, this game is really simple but can get very silly! Basically, you say what you put into the vending machine through the coin slot, and then the next person replies saying what comes out and what they put it. For example:
    Person 1: I put in a quarter
    Person 2: You get a can of soda. I put in two quarters.
    Person 3: You get a penny. I put in my dog.
    Person 2: You get a banana. I put in a smiley face.
    And so on. Relatively simple. You can get anything from the vending machine, and put anything in it! I'll start.

    I put in a quarter.

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    Default Re: The Vending Machine Game!

    You get a cat. hehe..

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