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    Default Theme Song Thread

    Ok so i thought it would be fun to see if every one had a theme
    song so chose a song you really like or a song that matches
    you post that song here. (Optional:if you want you can look
    up the song the previous person posted and decide if it's
    a good song for Him/Her put you opinion in your pos


    Respect peoples opinions on songs

    No swearing in the songs

    no Youtube videos please

    I really like the song Airplanes by B.o.B so i thnk that going to be my theme song
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    Default Re: Theme Song Thread

    The Last Night-Skillet
    Signature credit goes to: Stephanie Stonyray (Thanks Stephanie)

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    Default Re: Theme Song Thread

    Viva La Vida~Cold Play
    Mad World~Michael Andrews
    Hallelujah!~Jeff Bukely
    Cosmic Love~Florence and the Machines

    I kinda have lots... :p

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