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    Default S e c r e t G a m e

    D o n ' t T e l l A n y o n e A b o u t O u r S e c r e t s

    T h i s I s T h e S e c r e t G a m e
    • • • •

    Everyone has a secret that they can't hold in any longer.

    Tell us that =3 But this is how it works:


    Post 1- I stole $10 out of my sisters walet

    Post 2- I have never stole money out of anyones walet
    I broke the clock in our bathroom

    Post 3- I have broken a clock
    I took my sisters shutter shades o-o

    And so on..

    You tell us your secret, and someone will say "I have.." or "I havnt" and then they say their secret ((=

    Ill start =D
    My secret is that I took my cousins $10 sc card o:

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    Default Re: S e c r e t G a m e

    i've never done that

    i play mine craft with a hack >.<

    I hope some day some nice millionaire will buy FreeRealms copyright...

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    Default Re: S e c r e t G a m e

    O: I haven't done that...
    I'm shy (unless I know ya forever like Claire o: I've known her since..since before I started Insiders)
    Thanks Jaiyden & Lindei for avvie & siggie.

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    Default Re: S e c r e t G a m e

    This game seems interesting although not many people have posted... So I guess I'll join o.o
    I haven't ever been shy (Err or have I? Eh I forget)

    I face time my bf on my iPod from Free Realms without my parents knowing... (This secret better stay in this thread only xD)
    Spoiler: show
    Check out my poems thread. And no link o.o Find it yourself under the creative writing section o.o

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    Default Re: S e c r e t G a m e

    I haven't done that (because I'm a guy).

    I like to hack/use codes on most all of my games (except online games, only use the codes xD)
    Social Media -> Instagram and Twitter: Jaeko9 Steam: Jaeko9 -I basically sit in the shadows and no one pays attention to me.​-

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    Default Re: S e c r e t G a m e

    I have done that
    I like to go down to my sisters room and take her money....SHE'S MEAN OK!!!And I always give it back...Sometimes

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