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    Default Rate the Avatar Above You (( V. 2/3? ))

    So,I just saw this game on the WoW threads.
    Except it was "Rate the Xmog above you"
    I am not going to explain what Xmog means.
    But,I can assure you,it is NOTHING innapropriate.
    It is:
    One appearance of an item,such as a long sleeved shirt,for a t-shirt with a certain logo or picture.
    I am not sure if there was another game like this before me,but I donut feel like going all the way back

    This is how the game goes <3
    Person 1: The person above me has a 4 star avatar
    Person 2: The person above me has a 7 star avatar
    And such and such...
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
    Beware, Thunder King, nobody is safe from my monk.

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    Default Re: Rate the Avatar Above You (( V. 2/3? ))

    The person above me has a 3 star avatar

    IGN: Toxic Pure
    All Servers Anytime! Add Me! Feel Free!

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