So hey! I enjoy writing lyrics! So I thought, 'Hey, why not make this?' Read below the steps to how things work:

Fill in this strangely short form:

Lyric Writer name:
How much will you post?:

Start posting lyrics.
For every song you post, you'll gain a point.
Those points can be spent on turning your song into an album.

So how EXACTLY do I make a album?
Make sure you've got 11 songs or more under your name.
Make sure you've got enough points.
Make sure you're clear about everything.
Make sure you've filled the form.

No rude lyrics plase!
Be nice
Make sure you follow these rules...
Anything else you know is right.

Song writers:
Spoiler: show
ninjablade2000, who got away from filling the form as I'm the creator.

Spoiler: show
ninjablade2000: 0 points.

Spoiler: show
ninjablade2000 - nothing yet

Enjoy please