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Title: Magic Box!

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    Default Magic Box!

    To solve a Magic Box you must type in numbers that make the sums of the columns,rows, and diagonals equal the same amount. Be sure to save the Magic sum you find. (after you fill in the ?marks type the magic sum at the bottom of the problem)


    8 1 ?
    3 ? 7
    ? 9 2

    (type magic sum below)
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    Level 20 I dont remember. O_o
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    Default Re: Magic Box!

    This is too hard

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    Default Re: Magic Box!

    Idk if I understand (but I think I do). I'll give it a shot anyways!
    1, 2, and 3?

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    Default Re: Magic Box!

    Nice game! This might take me some time to solve.
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    Default Re: Magic Box!

    For those who want to solve on your own, don't click!

    Spoiler: show

    8 1 6
    3 5 7
    4 9 2

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