Good day everyone reading this, it has come to my attention and opinion that kids begin to want to mature at the age of 10 years old.

My circumstances with this is that just two days ago my little cousin who is about 10 came over and she is a gamer and loves to plays games 24/7. I was on Facetime with my BF and we were chatting and laughing and suddenly I hear my little cousin talking and it was disturbing some of the things I could hear from my room. I sneak over where she cant see me, but I leave my phone on so it seems I am still on the phone and I see my little cousin chatting offline on a video screen with a stranger and I was flabbergasted! IT WAS A 20 year old man!!! I was horrified and grossed out. I ran over and shut down the computer as fast as I possibly could and grabbed my cousins hand and called my mom and the rest of the family to get home fast.

My mom and my aunt walk in and I have to say these words (there not exact words, but something close)

"Mom, (****-Aunts Name) (*****-Cousins Name) has been, I caught her chatting with a stranger online that she did not know and she was on the adult game called IMVU."

My mom and my aunt were flabbergasted as well and well as a resolution they called over a police officer to see who that guy was and would you believe it or not this guy my sister was talking to had a criminal record.

My point I am trying to get across because probably most of you are bored is that these games children think are fun? when in reality yes they are but they are also useless? Because once a child learns that the computer is his or her best friend they will never leave and become to attached and make some pretty wrong choices.

I don't play Free Realms anymore because it's just too dangerous and sometimes people can trick you into things...You do not want to know of.

If you suspect your sibling or a friend is chatting with a unidentified person do not hold back to tell. Once your friend is gone, there is no "I was scared" or "I was afraid." It will all be put on you because you never told and you lied for your friends sake, but where is she now? No one knows.

Things to do if you suspect:

1) Tell Your Parents or a trusted adult your thoughts and concerns about your friend or sibling and what you suspect they are doing.

2) If they find out that they have been doing that, get a police officer to check out who this person is and do they have a criminal record.

3) If they do, police can locate this creep and take him down for trying to lure a child into their trap.

JUST GAMES LIKE FREE REALMS AND IMVU AND CLUB PENGUIN AND OUR WORLD WITH A CHAT BAR ARE NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN WHO ARE 8 YEARS OLD. THE MATURE BRAIN AND CHOICES ARE FULLY DEVELOPED AT AGE 21! Not 10 years old! Sure Free Realms allows you to play at 10 years old but do you think if you are playing at that age you are ready to deal with all the peer pressure you might soon get yourself into?

Remember you make the choices, its your head, and no can stop you from making the right choices. My opinions are my thoughts but perhaps I get some good opinions back.

Thank you, and please do consider what I said.