Mafia Forum Game

Hello everybody! This thread will be my effort to create an ultimate guide with examples and explanation to help you understand what the Mafia game is!

Mafia is a forum game where after signing up each player will receive a PM detailing his role and faction. The most basic Mafia game has 2 factions; The Mafia and The Town faction. The goal of the game is to find all the hidden Mafia members within the Town.

The game is divided into 2 phases, the day phase and the night phase. In the day phase everybody comes out to discuss on who the Mafia members are. When the Town finds someone suspicious they will vote to eliminate that person. When the majority have voted to eliminate one person, he will be eliminated and his role and alignment will be revealed. The player will be considered "removed" and will no longer be able to post on the thread. Once the Day Phase is over the Town go to sleep and Mafia come out to discuss on who they think is the biggest risk for them and during the Night Phase they vote to eliminate that person. When the Majority of the Mafia have voted for someone, he will be eliminated.

To make the game easier and more fun "flavour" or a theme is added. This can be an original story or out of a TV series or game. The Town will be various good guy characters from that show and the Mafia will be bad guys from the show / game. During the Day Phase the players usually hint at these characters to prove their alignment.

When a PM is sent of a character to a person, the person might have a role regardless of alignment. A typical Mafia role would be :

You are Brickface, the gloam boss and part of the Free Realms Mafia.

You have been born from Gloam and all you want is destruction.
Role : Role Blocker
Decription : You can target 1 player in the Night and block their ability
A typical Town role would be like :
You are Gus Geargrinder the dwarf hero and part of the Free Realms Town.

You are the leader of the Dwarves and you want to protect all!
Role : Vigilante
Description : You may target and kill 1 person during the Night Phase.
There are many types of roles. Some are very powerful like the Vigilante in the Town Faction and some are for defense like the Role Blocker, Brickface.

An example of what discussion should go on for Day Phase :
Spoiler: show
In the day phase you must figure out who the Mafia are by seeing their hints. Here is an example of what should go on :

Player1 : Let's start this game! I am innocent.
Player2 : I am also innocent~
Player3 : Nice, I also investigate innocent
Player4 : I am innocent and will be very helpful to the town!
Player5 : I am also innocent. So much innocent people, I am suspicious!
Player6 : Player5, you may be a Mafia, trying to get us doubtful >_>
Player5 : No I am not! How would you know, are you a Mafia? ARE YOU GUILTY?
Player6 : No! I am innocent. It's just a hunch.
Player7 : Also innocent over here. Got an important role, too.
Player1 : We are getting nowhere, hint at who you are!
Player2 : I am a female Archer, very powerful.
Player3 : Be more specific!
Player2 : I play cards.
Player3 : Ah, player3 is hinting at Sam Potts. My character is also an Archer, but of a different race!
Player5 : Bullseye, the Pixie?
Player3 : Not that race.
Player8 : Any more detail?
Player3 : I teach new players about my arts.
Player9 : Ah, Lugabow.

And so on. Once you think someone is lying or is out of the order, the town will vote.

Player7 : My character is also a trainer!
Player3 : What job?
Player7 : Fisherman
Player4 : That is odd, all the previous character were for combat jobs ONLY...
Player6 : RIGHT! Vote OUT : Player7
Player3 : True. VOTE OUT : Player7
Player7 : NO! I am important!
Player4 : How so? Hint at your role.
Player7 : I can support YOU!
Player4 : But I have something similar to that >_>
Player9 : VOTE OUT : Player7

==== DAY PHASE ENDS ====
ME : Player7 was surrounded and could no longer defend himself. He was killed.
Player7 was "BRICKFACE" a member of the Mafia.

=== Night Phase starts ===
~24 hours later~

=== Night Phase ends ===
Player4 was asleep and happy he found out about Player7 just when large creatures came closer to him and stomped him. "HE WAS A THREAT" one screamed.
With that, Player4 was killed during the Night Phase.
=== Day Phase starts Again===

Now, in the Night Phase everyone who has a role can use it by sending me a PM with their ability and target for example :
Attack : AangXD
Follow AangXD

Then when the Night Phase ends, I will do a "Write-Up" which is like a news report of what happened in the night. Here is a small guide on how to make the best use of it :
Spoiler: show
Once you send in a role for the night phase like protecting someone or attacking someone, you can see the results of what happened in the write-up. The write up is like a news report about what happened in the night. This is an example write-up :

So if players sent :
Player3 sent : Follow player1
Player2 sent : Attack player3
Player4 sent : fix up a lie detector
Player5 sent : attack player4
Player6 sent : protect player4
Player7 sent : attack player8
Player9 sent : role-block player7

The Write Up would be :

The Night started out when "The Ultimate Stalker" followed a person throughout the night. The person did nothing so "The Ultimate Stalker" didn't get any information. Just when "The Ultimate Stalker" was going to back away he was surprised when he was hit by "Master Archer".

On the other side of town, a candy lover was seen fixing something up, when suddenly an old Ninja like person was about to attack him. The attack failed due to a Wizards powerful spell protecting the candy lover.

A female Ninja pulled out a shuriken and tried to use it on a brick-like person but felt extreme weakness and the attack failed.

As Town members you should analyze some things from here. I will analyze this post for you as an example. Without knowing the roles sent I can deduce :
- There is a role that allows us to investigate someone.
- There is a role that can attack someone, but doesn't kill them for some reason.
- Candy-lover is planning something weird, stopping him is important.
- There is a role that allows us to protect someone.
- The Female Ninja can also attack someone.
- Mafia has a role-block ability that blocked the Female Ninja's attack.

I can also deduce that The Ninja's, Wizard and Archer are town whether the candy-lover and brick-like person are Mafia because they don't fit. The brick like person must be Brickface and the candy lover must be another Mafia.

That is how to get information from the NP.

I will continue updating this guide.