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    Icon11 Game show down!

    Ok well i'm going to have road trip parties every weekend but today I thought I would change it a little.

    I'm going to make to people go head to head!

    These are the to people that are going against each other: Lindsey B. Vs. Midori Ghost

    Heres the question for them...

    Whos the name of this lady from naruto?

    I'm hoping that since i'm not saying what series she is from will make it more harder

    Lindsey B. and Midori Ghost, pm me your answer ONLY pm!

    Here are the prizes for the winner:

    Prize 1: Winner get's to be the spotlight of my party.
    Prize 2: Winner gets 2,000 coins.

    Thanks for listening!
    Karate Kid in Theaters June 11

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    Default Re: Game show down!

    Her name is Old lady Chiyo Well i think thats her name.And she is Sasori's Grandma.

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