1. No off-topic discussion on game threads.

2. No personal information, EVER. That includes age, school, grade, location, personal pictures, or anything else that may be used to personally identify you.

3. Be polite! Any post that FRI staff finds to be rude, disrespectful, crude, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate may be deleted or closed without warning.

4. This section is for games ONLY. It is not the section for role playing, polls, contests, or discussion of the games within Free Realms. If you aren’t sure about your game idea, contact a staff member.

5. This is a kid-friendly environment. All content must be appropriate to kids of all ages, as our members range from those just learning to read all the way to "big kids" with grandchildren!

6. No links to other sites will be allowed within the game. It must be done on FRI and require no outside links.

7. Games may not be exclusionary in nature. That means all genders, all ages, and all membership categories are welcome in every game.

8. Negative comments about another member’s skills will not be tolerated. Playing games here means playing cooperatively with all skill levels.

9. No "bumping" of game threads is allowed. That includes any post designed to keep a game thread at the top of the forum list, such as posting "bump", "anyone else?", or a similar non-content post.

10. No prizes may be given in connection with these games. The games are only for the enjoyment of playing. If you want prizes, the Contests section is the right place for you.

11. Popularity contests are not allowed. Any contest that asks you to "rate" other members, put them in categories, determine friendships, etc. doesn't belong on FRI. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.