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    Default The Game Of Dreams And Nightmares!

    This a game where someone is haveing a dream.
    You decide if they get to have a Happy Dream or a Nightmare
    I get to decide when that person wakes up from his or her dream.
    The person having the dream is sleeping so he/she will not get to respond until I wake them up.
    I will need some one to start us off this is a example:
    if you want to have a dream all you have to say is I'm having a dream and we will take it from there and you will get to see what kind of dream you will have, Will you have a Happy dream? or a Nightmare the it's not up to you we get to decide.

    If you are the one having the dream you can not respond until I tell you that you are wake

    No bad words including the H word

    Nothing dirty or obscene

    you may only have one time to dream, however if you do want another dream you must wait until 5 people have their own dreams then you may dream again

    ok have fun who will be first?
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