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    Default Contest winner!

    Ok lastnight I started a contest, the two people going against each other was Midori Ghost and Lindsey B.

    The question for them was:

    Who is this lady from naruto?

    Answer: Lady chiyo from naruto shippuden.

    Prize 1: Winner gets to be the spotlight of my party.

    Prize 2: Winner gets 2,000 coins.

    And the winner is......

    Midori Ghost!

    We had a random drawing cause we had a tie so her name came out!
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    Default Re: Contest winner!

    Congrats! :]

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    Default Re: Contest winner!

    Awww yay!!!!
    Xx Midori Ghost xX

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    Default Re: Contest winner!

    yay!!! tho i answered first i wasnt part of the contest (i answered for fun!) and got it right!

    FR ROCKS!! and the soggy socks.....

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