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    Default Confuse the Person above you!

    Okay i am probably not gonna be good at this game but you guys might...

    How to play-
    Think of ANYTHING that may confuse the person above you, if they get confused they like your post (play fair....)
    If you wish to comment on the plot without someone meaning to confuse you quote the person.
    Ex: Bob: "blah"
    You: quote"blah" nice plot bob!
    Next person confuses bob NOT you.

    You can go 1 time every 2nd post ex: you,someone,you.......
    FRI Rules apply
    No arguments or hating be allowed. (haters be hating this rule x))

    I'll see if this game works out and edit it according to how it goes....

    I have no one to confuse so someone TRY and confuse me o;
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    "Everything that has a beginning has an end"

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    Default Re: Confuse the Person above you!

    If everything I say is a lie, am I lying?
    I Love waffles so much i could "Mary" them. Haha. Its funny, so start laughing.

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    Default Re: Confuse the Person above you!

    Of course you aren't.

    If I poke my friend, then they poke me back, then I run away and poke another stranger, and said stranger runs back and pokes my friend, have we started a poking game?
    Or have we officially created #cheesetouch ?

    All the while, we are screaming HASHTAG CHEESE TOUCH in everybody's faces, but its 2 years before cheesetouch is official, who created it?
    Did we just create a trend that found itself back in the new ages?
    Or has it been recreated, but in a more civilized, annoying form?
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
    Beware, Thunder King, nobody is safe from my monk.

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    Default Re: Confuse the Person above you!

    I'm from yesterday. And today is the past.
    "Why bother?"

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