Hello =) These are brain teasers... no prizes, just new riddles every week =)

1) Guess this song with these lyrics: --- There's a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark, finally I can you crystal clear......

2) I am not a king, but I rule something. What am I?

3: I am most known for my sizzling liquid, and red can. What am I?

4: A man has 4 drinks. He gives 3 to his friend, and his friend gives him 6. The man goes back to the store that be bought the drinks from. The store gives the man 7 drinks. A young girl gives him 19, and he gives her 7. The man gave away 8 more drinks. How many drinks does he have left?

5: I am a MMORPG. Also if you are posting on this forum you most likely play it. What am I?