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Title: What Mistakes People Make In Tcg

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    Default What Mistakes People Make In Tcg

    Hello there! Sadly this thread is not mine! But it is from a site that has alot of fourm like this one. This would be my good friend jake's thread from the site. He wanted me to share it with insiders so they would know!

    Hello there, this is Jake with a guide with mistakes that I see often or have even done (lol) to be aware of.

    • Compiling a Bunch of Random Cards in Your Deck

      This is probably one of the most common things you'll see. People putting a bunch of random cards in their deck, expecting it to be MAXIMUM POWER. I guess you one can over-power your opponent, but when you go for those more technical duelists, it more than likely will not succeed. When you put a bunch of random cards in your deck, you more than likely:

      a) Will not get corresponding gems (I'll get to that later)
      b) Get bad draws

      What you wanna do is make a deck plot, or a theme (and no, I'm not talking about: THIS DECK IS ALL OF NATURE CARDS).

      Examples of themes are:

      a) Stunning deck
      b) Hunting
      c) Scoring
      d) Apprentice Mage
      e) Steam Engineer

      You get the picture.
    • Putting a Gigantic Number of Cards in Their Deck

      Oh my, how do I ever run into these kinds of decks in tournaments.

      Yeah, try to avoid having 50+ cards in your deck. Sometimes it can work out nicely, but you'll run into a major problem where everything won't be proportioned as accurately as if you were using a 40-50 card deck. This will result in a bad flip and bad draws.
    • Not Reading the Card

      This one is sort of common with new players and sometimes the mid-card ([No pun intended ]or a player with a bunch of cards, but not necessarily a pro) players. The best way to explain is to give an example:

      Other player: lol, come at me bro

      *end of battle*

      Me: AHH. WHAT THE CRUD. HOW DID I LOSE!? NOOO. *concede*

      Well self, you lost because you didn't read the card. You attacked with a creature that had no power-up, and the opponent has +3 defense with a blue gem. To read the card when in a game, you right click it, btw.
    • Not Making Their Deck With Corresponding Gems

      I've actually stopped doing this and realizing what I had been doing this about back in March, and I've been playing TCG since February of 2011 or so. What people do is mix a bunch of random spheres together, but when they flip their creatures don't get their power-ups because the gems don't match. Below is the color gem and what it will work with:

      Green Gems - Chaos & Machine
      Red Gems - Order & Machine
      Blue Gems - Chaos and Nature
      Yellow Gems - Order & Nature

      That being said, Chaos and Order don't match and Nature and Machine don't match. Now, there are some instances where it really doesn't matter. Take my Chaotic Mage deck. It is mainly chaos, but I threw in 2 apprentice mages. As long as you don't add in a giant mess of non-corresponding gems, you'll be fine.
    • Rushing

      Finally (thank goodness lol ) is rushing. It's pretty self explanatory. Just don't rush. I try to go at a moderate speed when I am dueling because I know I don't wanna screw up and make stupid mistakes, but I also know that I wanna get a lot of games in to increase my chances of success.

      So yeah, don't rush.

      Well, that's really long guide. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you in TCG.

    Read more: Station Realms - TCG Mistakes To Avoid
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    Default Re: What Mistakes People Make In Tcg

    I'll have to try this in the future if I ever wanna try to win in TCG

    -Limited IG time due to work-

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    Default Re: What Mistakes People Make In Tcg

    Thanks for posting.....
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    Default Re: What Mistakes People Make In Tcg

    I think you covered the basics there pretty well.
    It's amazing how many people make at least one of those errors. I ran across a newer player a while back that had three Shifty cards in what was basicly a Machine deck. I asked him later in Casual Play why he used that card, and he said it was because Shifty scored when you played it, and had a high defense. He was correct on both counts, but the REAL benefit to Shifty is that he allows Chaos creatures to hunt for double points. If you use him outside of a Chos deck, you lose two thirds of his value. It's a great card in combination with Chaos creatures, but highly average otherwise.

    Thanks for posting.

    PS: Not to pick, but could you perhaps post in something other than black on blue? I can only read black on blue if I highlight it. Just saying......
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    Default Re: What Mistakes People Make In Tcg

    Thanks for this great guide on tcg it really helped me!
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