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    Default Unofficial "Give us Series 3!" Petition.

    If you want Free Realms to give us Series 3, then please sign this petition.

    Let them know that it is a terrible business decision to not update the cards. I for one only play this game Because of the card game, not for the "9 year old" quests. Or the next semi monthly monster that runs around in different areas.

    The TCG is a great way to play cards with your friends, and in my opinion is the only thing worth doing in the game.

    So if you would please sign this forum/petition and let SOE and FreeRealms know you don't want them to stop the TCG expansions!

    Please also sign the petition in the official FreeRealms forums, here.

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    Default Re: Unofficial "Give us Series 3!" Petition.

    Note: in your thread on the official forums, somebody posted rules which include one saying that you can't post petitions there because it can cause unrest. Apparently you can say why you want a series 3 on there, but you can't garner votes.

    I agree with you, but in case there is a similar rule on these forums too, I'm not going to "sign"
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    Default Re: Unofficial "Give us Series 3!" Petition.

    Sarah Noblemind

    I don't play the card game but my computer doesn't run good enough to. But, when was the last time they updated the card gae, anyway? They'll lose many people (as if they haven't already) because of this. I don't play or like it, for that matter, but I will sign so the people that do can still enjoy it.

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    Default Re: Unofficial "Give us Series 3!" Petition.

    hmm i shall try it...
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    Default Re: Unofficial "Give us Series 3!" Petition.

    I "signed" or the alternative word would be "posted on it" to show my support, due to the rules stated in which it could cause anarchy in the forums I reckon. TCG has to evolve and not stagnate like that. Furthermore, this could garner more revenue for SOE so it has to a be a win~win situation for everyone.
    Tommy Stormbringer

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    Default Re: Unofficial "Give us Series 3!" Petition.

    I sign.. .

    I don't suggest you to open the following spoiler. I think it'll explode! Run!
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    Silly you, why did you open the spoiler? Haha.

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