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    Default Unfair Duel Deck - Post Yours!

    Okay, I know this topic might have come up a few times, but what kind of deck do you use to defeat those "cheaters"? I use my normal Order deck, get my Royal Archer, Royal Mage, and Royal Medic combo out, and use lots of heavy meals, sprints, and stunning resources and tricks to keep these three cards in play. And when they fail, I break out my Sam Potts and Ninja Master cards. And what's your strategy for these decks?

    EDIT: I'm talking about the Cheating NPC's, not other players.

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    Default Re: Unfair Duel Deck - Post Yours!

    I beat all those with a starter deck at the time, but occasionally when I've needed to go back, I'll pull out an Ambrose Worcester deck or a Dwarf Chase deck and end up just pwning the NPCs.

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    Default Re: Unfair Duel Deck - Post Yours!

    yea same here, ill use my dwarf chase deck and destroy them

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