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    Default Try Card Dueling

    If you can get in your hand and in your play deck: two Pastery Chefs and Ty then you shouldn't attack but you are invinceable at defence, the Pastery Chefs will boost Ty's defence by two each, he starts with seven, then he will have eleven defence, if your enemy trys to attack anyone one of them Ty can move to their spot to fight instead of them, with the eleven defence, only Ty should do hunt because, if a Pastery Chef hunts then, the defence is lowered of the other Pastery Chef and Ty get lowered defence, but if the fight just started, and the enemys attack is low then you can hunt the Pastery Chefs, only if you are confidant that two defence if enough, I am not shure if the Pastery Chef gives a boost of two or three defence, but still if i was wrong at first, then it would be better for you.
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    Default Re: Try Card Dueling

    card dueling is kinda fun, But nobody play's it

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