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Title: "Trading" Card Game, or "Locked" Card Game??

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    Default "Trading" Card Game, or "Locked" Card Game??

    Can someone help me understand why 90% of the cards I have are not tradeable? After all isn't the official title "Trading Card Game"?

    I do understand making your original starter deck completely untradeable. Otherwise people would just make accounts and pass cards over to main.

    However if I won it, purchased it, got it from spins... that should be fair game! At least in my opinion.

    Now I'm sure SOE, has some sort of reasoning behind this, I'm just not sure what it is. Any clues?

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    Default Re: "Trading" Card Game, or "Locked" Card Game??

    "However, if I won it, purchased it, got it from spins..."

    Operative word; Purchased.

    If you purchased packs (and the cards within those packs once opened) you CAN trade them. In fact, aside from cards picked up in trade from other players, those are the only ones you can trade.

    As a general rule, anything bought with SC can be traded, whereas anything won (in any manner) will most always be locked.
    I have to admit that it bothers me a little that I have multiple copies of some cards I would like to, but can not trade. On the other hand, some cards (like promo and/or quest cards) are limited to three per account, and can not be replaced in the event they be accidentally traded away. Of course they can't be, seeing as how they are locked......

    I also would like greater option in trading cards, but am a little worried at the problems that could arise from having too much option. Look at all the faux accounts generated for the sake of obtaining items, and the lengths that some (few)players go to to scam others. The TCG is tight with it's trade options, but in some cases, that's no such a bad thing.
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    Default Re: "Trading" Card Game, or "Locked" Card Game??

    I have a 6 coin blue chugwug I'd love to trade for a frog. I'm pretty sure I didn't get this from quest line. I'm positive it wasn't tourney, I just started playing FR this month. Must have came from a booster pack. I've purchased 2.

    I can not trade this card, I've tried. Outside of TCG I've only purchased 2 items. A ninja weapon and a wizard weapon. Neither of which are tradeable.

    I'm still a little confused as to what SOE is getting at?

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    Default Re: "Trading" Card Game, or "Locked" Card Game??

    Cards from:
    Member Packs (now series 3) also, the VR from them is locked.
    The Wheel (Likely, common cards yet, I got a full pack there before)
    Tourney Prizes (promo, or Exclusives)
    These were all given free and all will be locked and can not be traded.
    If you buy a pack with SC or trade for them with coins from players you may also trade them.
    Pretty simple actually go play
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