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    Icon2 Trade Advice Please

    I have a Hip Hop Boombox loot card and these rares:

    Thugawug Sneak
    Cale Yardbird
    Invading Bixie Warrior
    Mushroom Giant Boss
    Kirill Moonrunner

    The cards I need are:

    3x Shock
    3x Wake-up Call
    3x Snorg
    2x Royal Mage (rare)
    3x Lazy Guard
    1x Pixie General (rare)
    3x Pixie Commander
    3x Heavy Meal
    2x Cut Down to Size
    3x Chugawug Cook
    3x Chugawug Spearman

    What I want to know is, which cards out of the cards that I need could I get for what I've got? What would be a fair trade? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Trade Advice Please

    DO you mean wanna trade it?If so,I have ome of the cards but I'm not member...Sorry

    I don't suggest you to open the following spoiler. I think it'll explode! Run!
    Spoiler: show
    Silly you, why did you open the spoiler? Haha.

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