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Title: tie breaker

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    Default tie breaker

    this may be a long shot ties happens barely anytimes but ppl get them if uw nna break a tie listen to this there this be card its a trick wat it does is whena monster dies u can have a one coin monster in replace let me tellu wat happened in my card duelin our points were tied elev to elev it was my turn if i didn't ill the monster i would lose so i used my monster ipu tevery gaining card on it to make sure it doesn't lose but we both monsters diedi knew i was about to lose accept used on card i replaced the monster an hunt it down an i won with a mericule rememebr if u come across this used wat i did the beecards r use ful once u know how to use them so good luck if u come across this k

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    Default Re: tie breaker

    I can't read some of it

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