I do appreciate some seasoned players allowing their games to be "watched" in the TCG Casual Games Lobby, rather than limited to "Friends Only." I find watching their games enjoyable, giving me a lot of "Aha!" moments. Tallking to myself, "Aha! I didn't know that card can do that. Let me add that card to my deck." Though I have observed seasoned players used mixed spheres, relying more on tricks and resources; their well-thought card combos are brilliant.

In the past, the "old school" concept was to stick with one sphere so as not to 'hurt' your power-ups. Nowadays, it seems it is OK to mix spheres as long as you have a "plot" or theme to support your deck, and you know what you're doing, lol.

Don't be fooled assuming you are playing with a "newbie" with a mishmash of cards belonging to 3 or 4 spheres; who knows, he might be using a Wizard Chase Deck, including Mushroom Giant Warlord (nature); Netallie (nature); Banshee Boss (chaos); Hold 'Em Down (chaos); Demo Demon (machine); You Go First (machine); A Little Help (order); lots of Heroes, etc.