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    Default TCG Tournament

    TCG Tournament

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    Hey guys this is a special tournament and im giving it a try, its one which you play tcg games against your person, but the prize is something rare but cool
    To enter you need to pay but if you place in top 3 you get double of what you payed to enter, You could pay any amount of money to enter, and if you win you get double that!!
    For example, Jane pays 10,000c to enter. She places in 2nd place. She goes home with 20,000c! what a winner
    The minimum entrance fee has to be 1000c, this will be on March 27 at 7pm EST
    any questions just ask me
    Charging an entry fee for a FRI TCG Tournament is against our policies. Please amend your Tournament details to exclude the entry fee and if you have already taken entry fees, please return them.
    Thank you- Jillian Rosehill

    Last edited by Jillian Rosehill; 03-20-2010 at 09:07 PM. Reason: Charging entry fee not allowed on FRI Tournaments

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