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    Default TCG is too hard for me :(

    I do not get it... I cant beat Poe Tatters... any advise?

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    Default Re: TCG is too hard for me :(

    well i know not to make a huge deck and put your best cards if you do not have many you will get some good cards in monthly tcg deck

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    Default Re: TCG is too hard for me :(

    1.) Keep your deck to around 40-45 cards. More than that will reduce the chances to get the cards you want.

    2.) Don't mix all the spheres (colors) in one deck. It reduces the chances to activate your creatures' power-ups. You can mix a few cards in, but not too much. What you shouldn't match is Green and Yellow as well as Red and Blue.

    3.) Don't put too many one-cost creatures in a deck. More terrible flips will come after that. In most decent decks, there are at around 4 cards for creatures that cost 1-coin and 4-coins while 3 cards for other creature cards.

    4.) Practice using your provided starter deck. As you get more cards that will benefit your deck (Example: Garrison Gold for Machine- Prevents your Machine creatures from dying and Ice Nova for Nature- Gives attack +3 in a battle), make some adjustments to include them.

    I hope these tips will help you play well in TCG.
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    Default Re: TCG is too hard for me :(

    Yes there is a helpful guide in the card duelist forum!

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    Default Re: TCG is too hard for me :(

    I too had trouble beating him but just keep trying your luck will change eventually and u will

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    Default Re: TCG is too hard for me :(

    yes eventually you will beat him with the starter deck, it may take a while but it does work in the end

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