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Title: TCG Cards

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    Default TCG Cards

    What is the differnts? Between foil and normal?
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    Default Re: TCG Cards

    Well .A Normal Card is just a plain card (couldn't find a better word). Their both the same except a foil card has a foil covering on it of course. The Foils are worth more than their normal one.
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    Default Re: TCG Cards

    Foils are also a lot more rare and hard to find...
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    Default Re: TCG Cards

    The differance (as stated above) is in appearance only.
    There is NO differance as relates to game play.

    In game play, a foil and normal card of the same type are considered to be the same card.
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    Default Re: TCG Cards

    I believe value and appearance are the only difference but in game play they don't differ at all from what I have noticed.
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