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    Default Stratigies For TCG

    Post your tecniquies and stuff here! I have a few.

    When Being first to play your R.S.G. phases, You can Get sidetracked A LOT of the time. Its not much a difference if your the second. What you need to do to avoid this is have at least a 3 coin card and play it when you have your coins.
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    Default Re: Stratigies For TCG

    I believe you'll find some good strategies in the Sphere Stickies in this TCG forum; if not, you'll at least get a decent/good understanding of the sphere's strengths from Archer's posts.
    Machine Order Chaos Nature
    There is also a community thread (Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!) for sharing deck layouts. In the first post alone there are a good number of decks.

    I really just adjusted my deck to have about 90% cards with at least one green gem. Then just get Garrison Gold and a Kart Driver or two onto the field and fly away with the KDs. Save Tricks to keep Garrison Gold up. It does have flaws, but it's the best I can do with Starter/Hero cards.
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