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Title: The Slaughterhouse

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    Default The Slaughterhouse

    *Also posted on MM*

    This deck I'll be sharing is called The Slaughterhouse, and as you can probably figure out, it's a Chaos deck. The object is obviously to kill your opponent's creatures. But also yours.

    The Slaughterhouse

    Creatures (20)

    Angry Yeti - x3 (Don't try saving him, because he draws a card when he's killed)

    Hooligan Archer - x2 (When an ally is destroyed, he gets +4 attack)

    Shadow Talon Swordmaster - x3 (+1 attack given to chaos allies)

    Icy Yeti - x1 (Stuns opponent's creature next to enemy when he wins. Also has a +3 attack powerup)

    Ninja Fairy Companion - x2 (When destroyed, you ready all of his allies. Or you can destroy one of his allies and score a card. I suggest doing this [while defending] to a card that has no chance of surviving or a card that has gotten stunned.)

    Ambrose Worcester - x3 (+3 attack powerup, and readies when a creature wins a battle by 4 or more)

    Hildegarde - x1 (Flips extra card for Chaos allies)

    Madam Zelda - x2 (+1 attack and defense for her allies)

    Brutus the Betrayer - x3 (Score one or both of your allies. If they've already hunted or successfully attacked [or at least killed the opponent's creature], then score both of them and if you win the battle, you'll get 3 scored cards)

    Tricks (13)

    Bixie Stick - x1 (+1 attack. 2 if it's a chaos creature)

    Sloppy Wet Kiss - x3 (Stuns opponent's creature, works well with

    Shadow Ambush, because it's literally a cheap trick)

    Sneakiness - x1 (Turns a resource over. Would work well against Silversnow's Fruitcake or any tough resource your opponent has)

    The Boot - x2 (+2 attack. Readies creature if it wins by 4 or more)

    Shadow Ambush - x2 (Works well with little tricks like Sloppy Wet Kiss, or with huge takeouts like Clever Kick)

    Backstab! - x2 (Scores a creature. Good in hopeless situations)

    Clever Kick - x2 (Stuns 2 creatures, and is devastating with Shadow Ambush)

    Resources (10)

    Caution - x3 (4 gems, and you can draw 2 cards)

    Cleaning House - x1 (Draw a card when one of your creatures is destroyed)

    Driller - x1 (+2 attack and you can use it again if you win by 4 or more)

    Good Times - x3 (If your attack fails, you can still score your creature rather than destroy it. Also good for hopeless situations where it's a 11-11 situation or something similar. Gets a great win)

    Move Out - x2 (With the number of stun decks, this will be very helpful. Readies a creature when it's about to be stunned)

    43 Cards; 2.7 Flip Rate

    Feel free to post any suggestions, comments or whatever.
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    Default Re: The Slaughterhouse

    Thanks for posting this, Trident (:
    It was very cool of you to share with us!

    I will give it a try ‚ô•Ahli
    IGN: Ahliadre

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