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    Default Ratio of Creatures / Tricks / Resources?

    Hey, I've been wondering for some time what you all use for your ratio of creatures to tricks to resources.

    As I just posted in another thread, my tried-and-true deck, that I've had the most luck with, runs 40 cards, with 22 creatures, 9 tricks, 9 resources.

    22 creatures:
    - 6 cost 1
    - 4 cost 2
    - 4 cost 3
    - 4 cost 4
    - 2 cost 5
    - 2 cost 6

    9 resource
    - all 4 gems

    9 tricks
    - all 4 gems

    Thoughts? I used to use 20/10/10, but was finding i had too many times when i came up with no cost 1 creatures, so i changed it to 22/9/9. Any lower than 20/10/10, for creatures, and i find a lot of times when i have too many tricks/resources in my hand, and not enough creatures.

    Trying recently to stick at 40 cards, to be most consistent.
    Cesar Shadowcloak

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    Default Re: Ratio of Creatures / Tricks / Resources?

    Hi Cesar.

    I believe we have played a time or two, yes?
    You must have a pretty good flip with that many 4 gem cards.

    I guess it comes down to a matter of style. What works best, is whatever works for you. I'm still going with a 20/10/10 ratio myself. Many of my best trick and resource cards are 2 and 3 gem cards. I would have to do a major overhaul to cut out two without dropping my flip rate. I do get stuck without an opening creature sometimes, but it's rare enough that I can live with it.
    Layla Littlenymph <Mystic Mayhem>, Lolita Litlenymph <Nymphs of Mania>, Wednesday Addamsfamily <Insiders>

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    Default Re: Ratio of Creatures / Tricks / Resources?

    The three decks I've won tournies with have started with 6/3/3/3/3/3 for the creature split. 3 of each level of trick from 1 star to 4 stars and 9 resources. Then I tighten it up to get to 40.

    Your flip average is important, but not nearly as important as your strategy. I don't limit myself to 4 gem tricks and resources though I do make sure I have a healthy dose of 4 gem cards. But as long as I am running above 2.5 I'm good.

    I always make sure I have card drawing abilities, able to defend against stun and a way to gain extra scores (or remove score from my opponent) in any deck I make. I like to move through my deck quickly so I always have creatures and a variety of ticks to choose from. I hate getting stunned as it throws me off my plan so Mushroom Ring or ways to ready my stunned creatures are essential to my peace of mind. And I always like to have a way to recover from a bad early game so finding ways to get extra scores is important to me.

    If my flip average suffers a little for me to fufill the above then so be it.

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    Default Re: Ratio of Creatures / Tricks / Resources?

    I use the 20/10/10 ratio myself, but it can be tweaked a little for the purpose of accentuating certain abilities in your deck. Like some red decks may load up on cost 1 and 2 creatures since there are so many cards to bring them back in play for free.

    And I really do look at my gem flip, it is important to have the gems for your special abilities. Great cards aren't going to help if you can't hit your flips. I'm not saying use only four gem cards, but do keep in mind what gems you need to make your deck it's most potent.

    I myself generally don't use heroes, since only 1 (of each) can be in play. I found it more useful to stack my deck with more creatures with great special abilities. This is definitely not for everyone though.

    The flip side of this, I came across a guy who only uses heroes. He had nothing to play for the first four turns, I tried to explain that heroes normally require a color to work best with, that the creatures around them are the heroes strength. He thought more heroes means more power (he couldn't use any of their special abilities). Heroes are tough, but they certainly have Achilles heals.


    is my creature ratio (sometimes I go to 42 cards, thus the 4(6)/3)

    hope this helps some!

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    Default Re: Ratio of Creatures / Tricks / Resources?

    thanks all, was just curious. yeah, i've tried to be really carefull about having a good gem mixture, as well. especially when i load up on dwarven diggers, try to make sure i have a lot of double green cards.

    i've thought about cutting out heroes, especially because half the time i find myself discarding them. i'm not sure i can replace my esther the brains, however, with dwarf mining masters ... i'm not sure i can cut three (or two) cards with red gems

    my most recent deck has:

    20/10/10, 2.7 flip

    6 cost 1 (only two creature types)
    3 cost 2 (same creature)
    3 cost 3 (same creature)
    3 cost 4 (same creature)
    3 (or 2) cost 5 (same creature)
    2 (or 3) cost 6 (same creature)

    10 resources (3 of 2 gems, 7 of 4 gems)
    10 tricks (3 or 4 gems)

    its worked pretty well ... flips aren't as consistent as I like, but its usually either a quick win or loss
    Cesar Shadowcloak

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