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    Default Pink high tops

    Hey guys its Kelly2 Sunnyheart
    i was wondering how do u get the pink high tops any more and the hoodie
    ---Kelly2 Sunnyheart

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    Default Re: Pink high tops

    The origanil pink high tops i think u could get them a few years back when u made yo person and the pink hoodie is from the old vault but the pink hoodie like ya get in the cs market u can get it by making a pixie xD
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    Default Re: Pink high tops

    well my friend Courtney Faithwave (If Your Reading This Courtney Hi!) got red hightops from the vaultberry seeds so maybe pink ones too and people who think they are not real they are i have seen then

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    Default Re: Pink high tops

    There used to be a vendor in Sanctuary that sold pink clothing. I have pink (not hot pink) pants that i bought from the vendor as well
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