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    Default Penguin Mask for trade?

    Anyone have a Penguin mask for trade?

    I have Gater Head and Body, Fire Hyderant and Cone Hats and goth boots for trade for the Penguin mask.
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    Default Re: Penguin Mask for trade?

    The current going price for a Penguin Mask is 10 boosters (or equivalent).

    Aligator head + mask is worth 2-4 boosters, the cone hat/fire hydrant are not even worth a booster each...)
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    Default Re: Penguin Mask for trade?

    Penguin Mask are the most sought after and rarest VR you can get in packs. They only come in Real Life packs. Just to give an example of how rare it is. I opened 8 Real life Boxes for my website, that is 160 packs of cards, and only got one Penguin Mask. These are worth way more then 10 packs of cards. I wish you luck on finding or being able to trade for one. They are elusive little buggers.

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    Default Re: Penguin Mask for trade?

    Good luck dude. im cheering for ya

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