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    Default Which pack is which?

    So I want to know which items are best... Shattered or Booster? I hear that shattered has the best VRs. But I also hear that card duelist belt is in booster??? I dont get it!!! MY head is gonna explode!!!! >.>

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    Default Re: Which pack is which?

    Well, Good questions.

    First of all, Shattered pasts are "Goth Packs" witch means that goth comes in them. Better chance at getting Goth in Shattered Pasts then getting them in Regular Boosters.

    Second of all,The limited duelist belt (whatever it is called) Is probably in both. I think: It's in Shattered pasts but I got mine in a trade so... I really aren't "For Sure"

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Which pack is which?

    Let me clear the air here.

    Shattered past booster packs include (I'm not going to list all of the VRs but the most sought after I will list)
    Goth Coat
    Goth Gloves
    Goth Pants
    Goth Bots
    Goth Goggles

    Punk Pants
    Wolf T-shirt
    Arrow through the head hat
    Chatty Backpack
    Card duelist utility belt

    And the Free Realms Booster Pack:

    Skater beanie
    Skater shirt
    Skater Shorts
    Skater Kicks


    As far as the clothes most people have and most people want (goth the back pack belt etc) Shattered past.

    Each series has its own virtual rewards so if you want punk pants do not buy Free Realms booster but if you want a skater beanie do not buy Shattered Past.
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