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    Default Nature Deck for beating Maple Sugarleaf

    I'm trying to do my TCG questline (the members one) and I'm stuck at Maple Sugarleaf.
    I'm using my Nature Deck in every duel, but I can't beat her.
    Anyone has any suggestions of a powerful nature deck?

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    Default Re: Nature Deck for beating Maple Sugarleaf

    Here is a thread with info on Maple's resource deck: Mystic Mayhem - A Free Realms Community - Maple Sugarleaf's Resource Deck

    As far as a particular nature deck to counter it, it would be hard to say without knowing what cards you have.

    When I was last testing Maple's deck, I used an order deck. But you could really beat her with any kind of deck. The important thing is to block her in early turns with defensive creatures until you can get some bigger creatures out. Hat trick helps, especially with four gem resources.

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    Default Re: Nature Deck for beating Maple Sugarleaf

    The link no longer seems to work

    Are there anymore guides out there? I'm stuck on this final duel too and I'm already using an order deck. The high defenses of the order deck does not seem to be strong enough for Maple's creatures.
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    Default Re: Nature Deck for beating Maple Sugarleaf

    I got a nature starter deck as well and Maple gave me some trouble. Just to clearify are you on Maple Trick, Tournament, Creature or Resource?

    As far as Trick and Tournament (assuming we're talking basics) have you created your own deck yet? Maple was the first to send me to the deck building option.

    I started with resources and tricks, and added 11 of each to the deck... is that the perfect number? Not sure but it's close it works. I didn't choose what I thought was the best card... I choose the ones with the most gems!

    Infact I believe improving my flip average ultimate improved my game in general.

    Choosing coin cards... Make sure you have heroes that support your deck.

    Earnie's cool, your nature allies get to flip 2 cards, and you just focused on your flip count. I like Ari the Fish as well for Nature. 3 hero cards is plenty, now you have 15 spots left...

    6 should be 1 coin cards, you don't want to start slow against Maple, you'll need a point or 3 in the first couple rounds.

    2 coin cards has to be Nature's weakness, at least what I've seen so far. Couple Challenging Mages will help you keep your had full.

    3 coins, 3 Artic Frostwolf this card is great!

    4 coins, whatever you got, they all have their uses.

    You have 1 card spot left... flip back thru and pick another resource or trick with a high count.

    Now go play in a tournament, you get a chance to get used to your new deck, make some friends, and the Rick Toss card you can win makes a fine addition to a nature deck since nature is hunt based anyway. If you made it to Maple, and play for most of the 3 hours you'll have no trouble getting in the top 16.

    Replace some of your less useful resources with Rick Toss, and Maple will be a pushover.

    Now if you're talking about Maple's Creature or Resource deck.... There's only one answer for this.... It's not a fair situation. You're going to do some loosing, just go into every match expecting to loose, it makes things a lot less frustrating. You'll eventually come across a great draw and some luck.

    I just try to set a wall of defense up, never get agressive until the cards fall right. Once she gets more than 6-7 points ahead, I just quit and try again. Most of the creature, resource games are like this. You need a good draw, and they need a bad one, otherwise you never had a chance. Nature may be one of the worse spheres in the resource, creature deck games. But your lucky chance is there, just be patient.

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