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Title: My order deck

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    Default My order deck

    I have this deck but it needs some work and needs to be narrowed down. I defiantly need to narrow it down. Anybody have suggestions?

    3 chef in training
    2 chugawug cooks
    1 soaring eeagle
    1 chugawug spearman
    2 royal archer
    1 snorg
    1 royal mage
    1 sanctuary peacekeeper
    2 tanglewood soldiers
    1 chugawug tower captain
    2 farmer brambleback
    1 pixie commander
    1 start-throwing ninja
    2 jammie swiftsong
    2 sam pots
    3 giant toads
    2 chugawug capatin
    1 ninja master
    1 return to surrender
    1 blue artifacts shard
    3 rain of arrows
    3 easy target
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    Default Re: My order deck

    Did you forget to post your resources? I only count 37 cards, and just 1 a resource, and not a high gem one at that.

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