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    Default My Nature Vs Order Deck!

    Well Guys's I have another Deck that I also made today!
    Now this deck surprisingly ''Works'' (Yeah Yeah I know it's a miracle!)
    So here it is!

    Soaring Eagle x3
    Briarwood Buck x3
    Bristlewood Archnid x1
    Glimmer x2
    Artic Frostfang x3
    Bear Companion x3
    Giant Toad x3

    Ernie x2
    Darrel x1

    Come Get Some x2
    Sprint x3
    Pie In The Face x1
    Poisen Aura x3
    Oh It's On x3

    Brawler Sword x2
    Mushroom Ring x2
    Sudden Strengh x2
    Alive Again x3
    Straight Shot x1
    Whisk Wing Boots x2



    Well this is the so called ''Winning Deck'' that I have produced!
    It has only lost 1 game out of 5 (I think it was 5?) But I only lost because I did not get any Cost 4 or Cost 6 Creatures and I was playing against a Steam Deck that had a Steam Engineer out plus a Dwarf Mining Master and Weed Wacker!
    So You may just want to try this Deck But I cannot say that it will win a ''tourney'' for sure!
    Also all Tips and Idea's are welcome

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    Default Re: My Nature Vs Order Deck!

    Just a couple of small issues with this deck. Very few of your creatures have yellow gems and most need yellow gems, so I would perhaps replace a couple of your cost 1 creatures with Poison Toads (which has a yellow gem if I recall correctly).

    Also, the Oh, It's on Trick I believe only has a single yellow gem, so I think you would actually do better to use Rain of Arrows and/or Hat Trick if you're going to use a defensive trick with a single yellow gem. Hat Trick works well on turn four or later with Brawler Sword where you can zap the resource for +1 defense for 2 star and then spend another 2 star to turn the resource over (which is going to happen at the end of the battle anyway) for another +4 defense.

    You also may want to replace one of your Bear Companions with a double yellow gem Cost 4 creature, such as a Mushroom Giant Warlord for example, especially if you don't have a Rain of Arrows in the deck.
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    Default Re: My Nature Vs Order Deck!

    Hmmmm yeah I think I'lll ty that out!
    But beware!!!! if it does not work out My decks CURSED!!!!
    Then You will have to help Me make a new 1 lol.

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