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    Default My Most powerful machine deck!needs help to improve!

    x3 dwarven salvvager
    x3 helpful steam monkey
    x1 gloam agent
    x1 chugawug builder
    x1 rofle
    x3 pit crew member
    x2 weapon smith
    x2 weed whacker
    x3 kart driver
    x1 demolition derby driver
    x1 speed demon
    x2 fall back
    x2 spring forward
    x3 squeeky wheel
    x2 turbo charged
    x1 careless driver
    x2 discovery
    x3 from the trash bin
    x2 left in the dust
    x3 long shot
    x3 under the hood

    average flip 2.8
    46 cards

    thats it, and i got more machine cards but not "E"
    and i know i need to add steam engineers. I really need help to improve this deck of mine
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