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    Icon11 Machine Deck: Big Flipper

    I call this deck 'Big Flipper' because its average flip is just over 3 gems, which is really good. Most decks average about 2.5 gems per flip. The better you flip, the more you win! I've packed 25 cards in here with 4 gems. Don't be afraid to start a battle with the score even up -- you'll probably get a better flip. Fast-Talk and Squeaky Wheel get you the flips to score cards with the power-ups on Offensive Driver and Speed Demon.

    You can clear the board of opponent's creatures if you have a Kart Driver and a couple of tricks. Attack with your Kart Driver, and use your tricks to make sure you get a green flip. Move and attack again, and ready him to score by hunting too!


    3 x Overheated Furnace Golem
    3 x Pit Crew Member
    3 x Security Bot
    3 x Kart Driver
    3 x Offensive Driver
    3 x Brody Sparfist
    3 x Speed Demon


    3 x Discovery
    3 x From the Trash Bin
    1 x Left in the Dust


    3 x Spring Forward
    3 x Fast-Talk
    3 x Squeaky Wheel
    3 x Turbo Charger


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    Default Re: Machine Deck: Big Flipper

    good deck making thx for the info

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